Michael Savage to Newsmax: DirecTV Showing ‘Sovietization’ of Media

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AT&T’s DirecTV, with its cancellation of Newsmax, shows the “clear repression that we’ve all feared under a Sovietization of the American media,” best-selling author and podcaster Dr. Michael Savage tells Newsmax. “Distribution of any product, whether it be news, sports, entertainment, or a toothbrush, the distribution of any product is key,” Savage told Newsmax’s “Prime News” on Thursday night. “Those who control distribution, such as in this case, DirecTV, control the dialogue when it comes to Newsmax and what shows they’re going to run.” And when DirecTV canceled Newsmax on Jan. 24, it wasn’t because of the free market, but instead was an example of “Sovietization,” Savage said. “They’re using the false canard that it is the free market, making that their determination, which is proven false by the fact that they pay fees to networks that have much lower ratings than Newsmax,” he added. Savage insisted that DirecTV be “hauled in front of Congress, and be held over the coals and be forced to release all their emails between them and members of the Democratic Party.”

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