Michael Savage Suggests ‘Enemy Within’ GOP Doomed Midterms with Timing of Roe Ruling

Abortion — as opposed to the economy, safety, or education — may have been the “real wild card” this midterm election, according to conservative radio legend Michael Savage, who suggested that an “enemy within” may have been behind the poor timing of the Supreme Court’s hearing of the Roe v. Wade abortion case.

On Tuesday night’s broadcast of Newsmax TV’s “John Bachman Now,” as the results were coming in, Savage called the issue of abortion the “real wild card” in this year’s congressional midterms.

“As a post-election forensic analysis might show, the real wild card in this election is not crime or inflation or education or war — which is what should be driving this election,” he said.

“There’s a fluke in this election and it occurred several months ago,” he added in reference to the striking down of the 1973 abortion case.

Savage expressed outrage over the timing of the decision to hear the landmark case.

“Why would a Republican-dominated Supreme Court have decided to hear the Roe v. Wade abortion case just months before this critical election?” he asked. “Who was it who pushed this forward on the calendar?”

He concluded by suggesting that following a post-election analysis, “we can find out if in fact there’s an enemy within because this is what the wild card will be.”

The conservative radio host had already warned in June that though it was the “right decision,” the timing of the overturning of Roe was “wrong” and a “political disaster” that may have even been the work of “RINOs” [Republicans in Name Only] attempting to “sabotage” Republicans.


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