Michael Savage slams Biden the ‘bum,’ ‘mook,’ ‘faker’

The Washington Times:

Radio’s boldest voice, Michael Savage, slammed Joe Biden during an interview with Breitbart as a “bum,” a “failure,” a “mook,” a “faker” for his Afghanistan withdrawal, and outright blamed the president for getting people killed. And that was just the warmup. 

But Savage’s points are true blue true. 

The Biden administration’s departure from Afghanistan will leave devastating ripple effects for years, perhaps decades, to come, as Team Terrorists rush to exploit the situation. 

“I don’t think I can add to what’s already been said and written about [Biden], this imposter, this failure, this bum, this mook, this faker who has gotten people killed,” Savage said.

“I am so incensed and outraged about what I am watching — not only because of the deaths and destructions that have occurred thus far, but because what is coming will be far worse,” Savage said.

“Today we read that Biden’s friends, the Taliban, who he has entrusted with airport security [in Kabul], take an elderly folk musician and shot him in front of his family because music is not permitted, according to the Koran. This is terror’s greatest victory in my lifetime and it’s directly tied to Biden,” Savage said.

Yes. History will indeed show Biden’s first-year fecklessness was the match that set the world on fire.

It’d be one thing if Biden truly had a lapse in judgment and hurried to fix the fallout. 

But his ongoing double talk — you know, the kind where he says the buck stops with him and then goes on to throw his intelligence, his generals, his advisers, the Afghan army, the Afghan people and Donald Trump under a bus of blame — all that double speak and more show he has zero intention of addressing the chaos his administration created. Biden can’t wait to cut and run from Afghanistan, abandoned Americans, and Afghan allies be danged.

He’s got a political career to protect, dontcha know.

He can’t afford to get too tied to those silly terrorists who’ve risen in his blundering wake — outfitted now, thanks to Biden and Company, with some of America’s finest military equipment.

“Look at the tanks and weapons left behind. I thought any other government would have dissolved after the suicide bombing killing 13 U.S. service members and many Afghans,” Savage said. “First, our hologram Biden was in hiding, then he came out and was clutching his cheat sheets during a press conference when being asked a question. He was leaning his head forward as if he was overwhelmed by it all. I’ve said Trump defeated ISIS and Biden brought them back to life.”

It’s an insurrection that places America’s own soil in jeopardy. When do you think the next terror attack on American land will occur?

And all the sleeper cells go: Wait and see!

“Who is really running the nation? Biden is not fit to be president,” Savage said.

That is indeed the question. That is indeed the problem. And nobody knows it better than American’s enemies.

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