Michael Savage on Trump Meeting with ‘Scum’ Kanye, ‘Nazi’ Fuentes: ‘He Became His Own Worst Enemy’

Former President Donald Trump has become “his own worst enemy,” according to conservative radio legend Michael Savage, who slammed Trump’s recent meeting with “scum” rapper Kanye West and “Nazi” Nick Fuentes, claiming that the move — which harmed the GOP and “set [Republicans] back 30 years” — won’t be forgotten easily.

Appearing on the weekend’s broadcast of Newsmax TV’s The Count, Savage — who was one of the first to endorse Trump for president — was asked why the former president “[made] this mess for himself” after hosting  West and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes for dinner at his Florida home last month, noting that Trump “has kind of been a little mum on what Fuentes and Kanye West bring to the table.”

“Well it’s anyone’s guess,” Savage responded. “I think it was bad judgment in plain English.” 

“We can mince words all we want but Mr. Trump made a mistake — hubris, nemesis, catharsis — he became his own nemesis, his own worst enemy,” he added.

According to Savage, when West had visited the Oval Office during Trump’s presidency, the conservative radio legend had contacted those around the president to warn him of associating with the rapper, saying, “This is the greatest error you’ve ever made, why are you having such scum of the earth in the Oval Office?”

“This bum [West] threw his feet up onto that beautiful desk; he took over that office like he owned it,” Savage said. 

“He’s always been a piece of garbage,” he added. “I don’t care if he makes $50 billion a second, he’s nothing but street garbage.”

Savage suggested that Trump only welcomed the rapper “because he loves people to worship him and he thought that because he’s a celebrity, people would worship him along with him.”

He then expressed his opposition to such an association, stating that reality star Kim Kardashian “is a waste of human DNA,” and that having the “Kardashian vermin” in the Oval Office “debased” the White House.

“That was years ago and I said so and I didn’t make any friends when I said that to the inner circle of Donald Trump,” Savage said. “They didn’t like me for it at all.”


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