Michael Savage at NEWSMAX: The Crime Wave Nobody Is Supposed to Notice

Savage at NewsMax:

The following column is adapted from “The Michael Savage Show” podcast, available for download on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever podcasts are heard.

Today’s podcast discusses something we’re not supposed to notice. We’re not supposed to note the fact that there’s a crime wave, because the big lie is that Biden has made everyone calm.

And the second big lie is that hate crime is spread by whites or white nationalists. In fact, the opposite appears to be true. Many examples, particularly of Asians or Jews being attacked in America, are distinctly done by minorities – primarily Black males.

So here are some stories for you to digest, stories that we have found around the nation over the last few weeks and months:

Another random attack by a Black male and a small female.”
Video shows teenager setting woman’s hair on fire on San Francisco bus
Blacks and Latinos constitute 90% of arrest for anti-Asian hate crimes at NYC
“Viral video shows white mother brutally beaten.”
“‘I can’t wait until Black people lynch white people’ says antifa/BLM activist
Three Black men viciously assault and rob Asian man in San Francisco
Jewish NFL player subject of anti-Semitism. That would be Julian Edelman
Mob screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ beats Jewish man in NYC
“Can America be America when Jews are beaten in the streets?”

There are many more, which you can hear on the podcast.

And the question is, where is this coming from? Why is it arising?

The answer is that it is, in a sense, coming from the top down. It is coming from the American liberal elite who have unleashed this violence under the guise of concern about white supremacy.

It’s a weapon that the elite are using to attack America.

Many of you understand that Critical Race Theory is under intense debate. It’s a battle for the soul and survival of America.

There is a great article written by Andrew Sullivan in the “Weekly Dish” blog, called “What happened to you?”

There has been a stunning shift in the belief system of the American elites.

Sullivan calls it an ongoing moral panic against “white supremacy” which they claim is an accurate description of the largest free-est, most successful multiracial democracy in human history: America!

The core point of the movement today is that liberalism is no longer enough, that in fact liberalism is a means to perpetuate so-called white supremacy, which is designed to oppress harm and terrorize minorities and women. And this new orthodoxy is trickling down to violence in the streets.

While many of us hope that the radical left-wing communistic movement will lead to the downfall of the Democratic Party during the midterm elections, I am not so sure.

We’re no longer in the age of Obama.

We’re no longer in the age of Biden when he was younger.

The fact of the matter is the left wing is out of control.

The street thugs, including Antifa, are running rampant.

There is no longer any due process on campus.

There is no longer privacy in America.

Nonviolence used to be the liberal creed. But today, on the left, if you want to punch a so-called ‘fascist’, go ahead and do so.

You can have free speech, but only if you don’t mind being thrown out of your job and being called the right wing maniac.

You want equality? No, there is no equality.

The new code word is equity, which means ‘give me what I have not earned.’

And individuals who have the wrong identity must be attacked and discriminated against.

If you believe in color-blindness, Sullivan says that’s another word for racism. If you believe in mercy, not for oppressors.

Do you believe in objectivity? That’s a racist lie.

Do you believe in science? That’s a manifestation of white supremacy.

Do you believe in biological sex? That’s been replaced by socially constructed gender.

Do you believe in borders? That’s racist.

Do you believe in the viewpoint called diversity? It’s a form of violence against the oppressed.

It’s a new form of Maoism, which led to the deaths of a hundred million people in China. And it is coming from Biden, who used to be a moderate but is now aiding and abetting and justifying the radicalism.

And all you see in the news is him licking ice cream cones. Biden in fact is pushing the most radical agenda in American history.

Is there hope for sanity in the midterm elections? There might be.

We do know that many middle-class blacks and many middle-class Hispanics have turned completely against the left because of the insanity, and the obsession with race.

If they are not stopped during the midterms, all bets are off.

Liberalism will be dead and Maoism will be here to stay unless this poison and nihilism of the left is stopped.

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