Michael Goodwin: Biden owes his Super Tuesday triumph to this one man

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Fox News:

It wasn’t pretty and there wasn’t a moment to spare, but the “Saving Joe Biden” campaign did something remark­able. It brought a dead man back to life.

For weeks, the former veep looked to be one gaffe away from elimination but, Lazarus-like, he rose from the grave to turn in a startling Super Tuesday performance. He won all the states he was expected to win, pulled an upset in Minnesota, put up a good fight across the board and won a nail-biter in Texas.

He’ll do very well in delegates and now has Big Mo on his side at exactly the right time. With the field of candidates shrinking and most of his former rivals backing him, Biden has leapfrogged Bernie Sanders and reclaimed the front-runner spot he held almost until the voting started last month.

And that man is … ???

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