Mexican troops block US-bound caravan travelers

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Yahoo News:

Ciudad Hidalgo (Mexico) (AFP) – Mexican troops urged some 1,500 Central American migrants to maintain “order and respect” on Saturday after the group attempted to force entry into the country from Guatemala in the hopes of trekking onward to the United States.

Standing on the wall above the Rodolfo Robles International Bridge that connects Mexico with its southern neighbor, National Guard General Vincente Hernandez told migrants they would be allowed to cross the border in a “controlled” manner.

“With order and respect, all will be served. There are opportunities for everyone,” said Hernandez, who also coordinates the National Guard operations along the Suchiate River, the natural border between Mexico and Guatemala.

“We understand the situation, you are our brothers from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala,” Hernandez told the caravan. His speech was met with applause.

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