Mexican President Celebrates ’40 Million’ Mexicans in the U.S.


Mexico’s President Andrés Lopez Obrador says 40 million Mexicans are living in the United States. “Just imagine: There are 40 million Mexicans in the United States — 40 million [including people] who were born here in Mexico, [or] who are the children of people who were born in Mexico,” President Andrés Lopez Obrador gushed at a January 10 press conference with President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Obrador’s proud Mexican-first advocacy for ethnic Mexicans — including ethnic Mexicans in the United States — is very different from the globalist, investor-first policies pushed by Trudeau and Biden. At the Tuesday summit, Biden pushed the globalist, pro-migration “Nation of Immigrants” narrative as he described all Americans — including the descendants of Americans — as mere immigrants. “Look, all of you know all of us in the United States are immigrants,” Biden said. “Mine go all the way back to the Irish famine,” Biden told the press conference. Biden’s use of “immigrant” demotes the status of American citizens to that of illegal migrants, because the same “immigrant” term is normally used by establishment outlets to promote illegal migrants.

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