Mexican Officials to Shutter Caravan Migrant Camp amid Health Concerns


Mexican officials moved just over 2,000 to a new encampment after determining the original location was overrun with raw sewage and trash after several days of heavy rain, local media reported.

The original Benito Juárez Sports Complex site sits only feet away from the U.S. border. Officials moved the caravan migrants to a former concert venue approximately 10 miles to the southeast of the international border. “El Barretal” is located in one of Tijuana’s most dangerous neighborhoods, colonia Mariano Matamoros.

The move to the new temporary shelter began on Thursday and was led by personnel of the National Institute of Migration (INM). The agency will assume full control providing food, medical care, and a secure location for those who choose to relocate. While the move is not a mandatory one, authorities will be shutting down services at the original location.

The new shelter will be used by migrants primarily from Honduras and other Central American countries as they wait their turns to request asylum in California. Others appear to bide their time before attempting to cross illegally into the United States.

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