Mexican National Charged with Smuggling Migrants From Canadian Border in Vermont

A Mexican national living in New York pleaded not guilty to charges of attempting to transport a group of Mexican migrants who had just crossed the border from Canada into Vermont. Border Patrol agents found the man in an area near the border where six Mexican nationals had just been apprehended.

Antonio Alvarez, a 45-year-old Mexican national living in New York City, entered a plea of not guilty before a federal magistrate judge in Burlington, Vermont. Alvarez faces charges related to an alleged attempted human smuggling scheme where he is reported to have been paid to transport six migrants from an area near the Canadian border.

Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas allege that on the night of November 7, Border Patrol agents conducting static surveillance of the woods along the Canadian border near Derby Line, Vermont, observed a group of six suspected migrants walking away from the border. The agents became suspicious of the subjects due to clothing that was “not normal for local Vermonters” but is common for migrants who illegally cross the border.

The agents made contact and identified the six individuals as migrants who crossed the border without inspection and placed them into custody.


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