Men’s Rights Lawyer Found Dead of Gunshot, Suspected in Shooting of Federal Judge Salas’ Family

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The Daily Beast:


EDITOR’S NOTE – Important info here, but beware the liberal slant of Daily Beast.

The gunman who shot the husband and son of a federal judge in New Jersey is believed to be a lawyer and men’s rights activist who was found dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound hours later, two law-enforcement sources told The Daily Beast.

Roy Den Hollander was discovered in the upstate New York town of Rockland, the sources said. He had a case—a challenge to the military’s male-only draft—pending before Salas, according to court documents.

Hollander described himself on his website as an anti-feminist. “Now is the time for all good men to fight for their rights before they have no rights left,” it said.

His family could not be reached for comment.

His emergence as the suspect is a shocking twist in the Sunday night shooting—when a man possibly dressed as a FedEx delivery driver showed up on Judge Esther Salas’ doorstep in North Brunswick, New Jersey.

Daniel Anderl, 20, the judge’s only child, who was home from college, was shot through the heart and did not survive the attack, according to the town mayor.

His father, criminal-defense lawyer Mark Anderl, 63, was said to be in critical condition after surgery.

NBC New York reported that Salas—whose caseload has included cases involving Real Housewives celebs and Jeffrey Epstein—was in the basement and was unharmed when the gunfire erupted.

Investigators have not officially released any motive or said who in the house might have been the intended target of the ambush. But federal judges are frequent targets of threats.

Hollander comes under scrutiny a week after the violent death of another prominent men’s rights figure—Marc Angelucci, an attorney who worked on similar cases to Hollander and who was shot dead at his house. The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office said Monday that no arrests have been made in Angelucci’s death.

For years, Hollander has been filing suits alleging that women get unconstitutional special treatment and pushing to outlaw Ladies’ Nights at bars and women’s studies programs at universities. According to his website, it appears his foray in the men’s rights movement was sparked by his marriage to a Russian woman he met while working for the investigative firm Kroll Associates in the late 1990s; he alleges she was really a prostitute who swindled him.

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