Melbourne woman, 23, found dead in her home after ‘being stalked by a colleague’ had comforted him after he was fired from his job

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Daily Mail:

  • Celeste Manno, 23, was found dead at home in Melbourne’s north on Monday 
  • Police investigating whether she had been stalked by a co-worker beforehand
  • A man, 35, was arrested after handing himself in at the local police station 
  • She had been looking forward to celebrating her birthday this week
  • Friends describe the young woman as selfless, kindhearted and beautiful 
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The prime suspect in the killing of Melbourne woman Celeste Manno was comforted by his alleged victim when he was fired 18 months ago. 

The 35-year-old is under police guard in hospital after handing himself in after her death. He is a local named Luay Nader Sako.

The devastated family of Ms Manno bravely faced the media on Tuesday outside the home where their beloved Celeste died on Monday.

The 35-year-old is under police guard in hospital after handing himself in after her death. 

‘She wasn’t close with him at all, but just to give him some support she walked him out the door,’ her brother Alessandro said, who refused to name him.  Ever since that day he has been obsessed with her and harassing her over social media for months and months with like vulgar and disgusting messages.’

Ms Manno’s father Tony was accompanied by sons Jayden and Alessandro and uncle Gabriel outside the property where they described the alleged killer as ‘evil’. In March, the terrified woman was forced to file an intervention order against her alleged tormentor.

He disappeared in March, but after a few months the messages started up again. Tony Manno said the justice system had let his daughter down. ‘It let my daughter down,’ he said. ‘And it’s gotta be changed. It won’t bring her back but it has to be changed.’

The abuse started about January where the alleged offender would bombard Ms Manno over Instagram.

‘At first she would be nice to him and just say “look thank you but I’m not interested”,’ Alessandro said. ‘Then he became obsessive so eventually she had to block him and he created about a million other accounts until this happened. I hope justice gets served to him in more ways than one. I hope he rots.’

Alessandro, 19, said he had never gone more than two days apart from his sister in his entire life. On the night she was killed, he had spent a rare evening away from the home.

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