Meghan Markle revealed for what she really is — a Kardashian

After a fresh humiliation by booing crowds at the Queen’s jubilee, here comes another blow to the Duke and Duchess of Woke.

“Revenge,” the much-anticipated book by British investigative reporter Tom Bower, may not offer much new information, but it shines as a deep dive into their psyches.

The folie á deux on display here is worthy of a Highsmith novel: Two very broken people stoking each other’s rage, grievances and delusions of grandeur, believing in their unstoppable rise even as they fall ever downward.

What other modern-day couple would wear their expulsion from the British royal family so dementedly, like a badge of honor, while clinging to their royal titles?

The great question is how such privileged people got this way. Bower provides some answers.


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