Meet the psycho who destroyed the economy of the entire state of California. Based on fake data

San Jose Mercury News:

She is the Bay Area’s Anthony Fauci, Santa Clara County’s most “essential” employee, the one who banished us from Sharks hockey games, canceled her own daughter’s high school prom — and eventually shut in 6 million Bay Area residents in six neighboring counties to slow the stampede of a deadly pandemic.

Jan. 31 — what seems like a century ago, when Kobe Bryant’s death was still what shocked us — that’s the day Dr. Cody was already feeling late, sitting at her dining room table in Old Palo Alto, gulping down a cup of coffee when her cellphone rang. It was 6:49 a.m.

“You’ve got your first positive,” the voice said.


It was Cody who would eventually lead her Bay Area cohorts to pull the trigger March 16 on the historic seven-county legal order — the first of its kind in the country — that required residents to “shelter-in-place,” days ahead of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s similar mandate for the entire state.

“I was thinking about the people who live in our county,” Cody said, “the people that run small business, the people who are living right on the edge and how what I was doing was going to profoundly impact them personally and professionally.”


She said she knows how lucky she is — she lives in a house where each of her children have their own rooms in case they get sick and the family has a washer and dryer to keep them from taking trips to public laundromats.

Like everyone else, however, her family is enduring the same pressures of the stay-at-home restrictions. Her husband, a Stanford professor, “is complying with my order,” she said,

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