Meet COVIDIOTS-2, the second wave of stupidity amid the coronavirus crisis


There was no shortage of people behaving recklessly and saying stupid things when the coronavirus pandemic shut down our nation in March. Those folks became known as COVIDIOTS. That was when the virus was new, the science was complicated and the world was changing. Now, a month later, there is no excuse not to know better. Meet the secondary infection of COVID-19: idiocy. The Daily News compiled our first list of COVIDIOTS on March 31, thinking no one could beat these nitwits. We were wrong. Here, we present COVIDIOTS-2: It’s been said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Hopefully that includes Sin City mayor Carolyn Goodman and the spread of coronavirus, which seems inevitable if she’s allowed to gamble with people’s lives. In a wild, free-wheeling interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper that prompted the host to call his guest’s comments “ignorant,” Goodman said she wanted to see Las Vegas open for business, but seemingly had no plan to stop the pandemic from killing her own citizens and infecting international business travelers. She also failed to see a connection between the way germs could spread in a restaurant in Las Vegas the same way they spread in a Chinese eatery where several people were infected. “This isn’t China, it’s Las Vegas, Nevada,” she said when Cooper showed her a diagram of a restaurant study that took place in China.


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