Media’s covert protection of scandal-plagued Bidens comes to light and yet they still push president, Hunter’s innocence

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What a desperately presumptuous act it is for the White House Counsel’s Office to blast out a memo ordering media organizations to apply the blowtorch to Republicans and defend Joe Biden in the impending House impeachment inquiry.

The marching orders went out Wednesday morning under a blaring headline: “MEMO TO EDITORIAL LEADERSHIP AT U.S. NEWS MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS.”

Ian Sams, the grandly titled special assistant to the president and senior adviser and spokesman for White House Counsel’s Office, declared: “It’s Time For The ­Media To Do More To Scrutinize House Republicans’ Demonstrably False Claims That They’re Basing Impeachment Stunt On.”

Talk about ungrateful.

The White House is making overt what has been covert, and humiliating their media handmaidens in the process.

That section of the media that ought to have been scrutinizing the president rather than covering him must be scratching their heads, and red-faced with embarrassment.

They don’t need a public rallying cry.

They already know what to do.

They have been carrying water for Joe Biden since he first shuffled out of the basement.