Meanwhile in Oregon – Man brawls with woman in MAGA hat as BLM supporters reportedly clash with pro-police rallygoers

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When left-wing extremists attack, part five billion and one …

A peaceful pro-police rally in Oregon this Wednesday was hijacked by Black Lives Matter-affiliates extremists, some of whom couldn’t help but act out violently, as usual.

Video footage from the rally captured by videographer Andrew Duncomb, aka the “Black Rebel,” showed one of these extremists — a short, plump manchild — attacking a rallygoer who was proudly wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Rallygoers didn’t seem surprised by the antics.

“When we want to peacefully protest and say what we want to say, we always have BLM follow us,” rallygoer Shelby Walman said to local station KATU.

The attack happened in the Oregon city of Gresham, where hundreds of people reportedly gathered for a “Back the Blue” rally to show support for beleaguered law enforcement agents and support for President Donald Trump.

The event began “with a call for a ‘flag-waving’ in support of police Wednesday evening,” according to The Oregonian. But while over 100 pro-police rallygoers reportedly “answered the call,” so did BLM extremists.

“One side chanted ‘All lives matter’ and waved signs and flags in support of police and President Donald Trump. Counter-protesters yelled ‘Black lives matter!’” the paper reported.

According to local station KPTV, the BLM extremists also “cursed” at the police.

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