Meanwhile in Detroit – WATCH Door Dash Driver drops pizza on porch, scoops it back into box

Fox 13 – Detroit:

Caught on camera, a DoorDash food delivery goes terribly wrong after the driver is caught dropping an entire pizza on the ground. 

“She didn’t feel like cooking, I didn’t feel like cooking, so we decided to order a pizza,” said Rodney King, Jr. 

It sounded like a solid plan, until it wasn’t. That’s because of a DoorDash driver walking up to their Detroit house on Ohio Street with a pizza in hand, sort of.

“When the guy was walking up to our porch, we saw that he was holding the pizza veritically, so from there I knew for a fact that the pizza was outside of the box,” King said. King and his wife happened to be watching their front porch camera at the time. They saw the guy pull their pizza out of the bag and drop it.

“So afterward he looked at the pizza and went to scoop it up, put back in the box and make it look as pretty as he could,” King said. “He picked up all the crubs and everything and walked off.” King says he gave the DoorDash driver the benefit of the doubt but got no phone call, no refund, and no pizza – that hadn’t fallen on the ground.

“As soon as I saw the pizza hit the floor, my heart sank a little bit,” he said. “I was hungry but I was really hoping that he would do the right thing.”

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