Meanwhile in Delaware – WATCH ‘Police arrest 2 after video appears to show MAGA hat snatched from child’

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Fox News:

Delaware police arrest 2 after video appears to show MAGA hat snatched from child

Video courtesy of ‘Karens in the Wild’

Two women have been arrested in Delaware in connection with a viral video that allegedly showed the suspects ripping up Trump signs and stealing a MAGA hat near the site of Democrat Joe Biden’s acceptance speech Thursday.

The video also shows a heated confrontation between the suspects and adults coming to the defense of a 7-year-old supporter of President Trump.

The suspects, identified as Olivia Winslow, 21, and Camryn Amy, 21, were arrested by Wilmington police Friday and Saturday and charged with robbery, conspiracy and endangering the welfare of a child, according to Delaware Online. Amy was also charged with offensive touching.

“That’s somebody else’s hat,” the 7-year-old boy is heard saying in the video after the women rip up several Trump signs in the parking lot of the Chase Center in Wilmington, where portions of the Democratic Convention were held.

One of the suspects grabs a Trump hat that was lying on the ground.

“Get your hat back, baby,” an adult is heard saying to the boy as they follow the suspects, demanding the return of the hat.

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