Meanwhile at La Guardia – Two women fight on jet bridge (WATCH)

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New York Post:

These two women duked it out at LaGuardia Airport before even boarding their Delta flight to Atlanta, wild video footage shows.

The two passengers were captured brawling on the floor of the jet bridge on Sunday as stunned passengers and employees looked on.

Off-camera, someone can be heard saying, “Come get Aaliyah, she’s fighting,” before a woman and a man approach the pair.

Destiny Davis, a passenger who shot the viral video, said she thought the combatants are “either cousins or sisters,” according to Storyful.

“Once they started to fight, there was little intervention and the police took a while to show up to our gate,” Davis said.

“They led them out in a peaceful manner but the plane was delayed by almost 30-40 minutes and we had to wait for them to find the luggage of the two passengers before leaving,” she added.

Delta spokeswoman Nicole Dusanek told The Post that Flight 1600 “was delayed due to a customer issue” and referred further questions to airport authorities.

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