Meanwhile at Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, FL – ‘Girl fight!’


Big brawl breaks out at Hard Rock’s guitar-shaped hotel; three arrested

Video footage of an incident that involved about 10 to 15 people, some of whom wore swimsuits and masks, showed the group engaged in a “minutes-long fight spanning a corridor inside the Hard Rock hotel,” according to Fox News.

These brawlers tussled with kicks, punches and headlocks at the Hard Rock’s new massive guitar-shaped hotel, unleashing screams of agony and expletives that echoed down the hotel’s luxurious corridor while bystanders looked on.

The minutes-long brawl, recorded on a bystander’s cellphone camera, has drawn more than 4.5 million views on Twitter. The large fight broke out Friday at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood, spilling from the entrance of a restaurant to the next.

About 10 to 15 men and women were involved, but police reviewed surveillance video and ultimately arrested three people for the fight. All the fighters have been banned from the Hard Rock.

It’s not clear what sparked the violence. Gary Bitner, a spokesman for the Seminole Tribe, said it didn’t appear to have been an argument about wearing masks. Rather, someone provoked the fight with a comment, Bitner said, adding he didn’t have more details.

Video courtesy of WM News Channel

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