Mass. voters approve the millionaires tax

Following a race that dominated TV airwaves, Question 1 supporters celebrated victory as voters opted to levy an additional income tax on Massachusetts’ highest earners.

With about 92% of precincts reporting and 51.9% in favor, the Associated Press declared a win for the so-called “millionaires tax,” or Fair Share Amendment.

Fair Share for Massachusetts campaign manager Jeron Mariani called the amendment a “once-in-a-generation opportunity.”

“We’ve done what some thought was impossible: passed the Fair Share Amendment to create a permanently fairer tax system and deliver billions of dollars in new revenue for our public schools, colleges, roads, bridges, and transit systems,” he said in a statement Wednesday.

Mass. elections

Question 1 proposed amending the state’s constitution to levy an additional 4% surtax on income over $1 million, to be put toward education and transportation. Massachusetts currently charges the same flat 5% tax rate for all income levels. 

The new surtax won’t impact those making up to $1 million in income.

The ballot question drew support from prominent labor groups, as well as opposition from some of the state’s top business leaders. 


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