MASK SHAME! – Bidens Go Maskless During Visit with Elderly Frail Carters, Put Masks ON as They Leave!


If you want to know what His Fraudulency really believes about masks, feast your eyes upon the guy who wears a mask outdoors and even wore a mask during a Zoom call

Yep, that’s right… Without wearing a mask, His Fraudulency Joe Biden got all physically cozy with 93-year-old Rosalyn Carter.

Yep, that’s right… Without wearing a mask, the Reverend-Doctor Jill Biden got all physically cozy with 96-year-old Jimmy Carter, a two-time cancer survivor.

And then — get this — after they left the Carter home, His Fraudulency and the Reverend-Doctor performed mask theater, they WORE THEIR MASKS OUTSIDE for the television cameras. See below:

So, if I’m understanding all this, these are Joe Biden’s totally arbitrary and anti-science masking rules…

When you’re fully vaccinated (and the Bidens are), you need to wear a mask outdoors, even if you’re by yourself, even if you’re with your spouse, who is also fully vaccinated. You also need to continue to wear a mask indoors when fully vaccinated. As you will see below, Biden believes this is “your patriotic duty for God’s sake.”

EDITOR’S NOTE – We also learn from this why Jimmy Carter made such a bad president. He tweeted the picture!

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