MASK-LESS! Trump celebrates at crowded party mostly devoid of virus precautions

EDITOR’S NOTE 1 – Trump gave a big poke-in-the-eye to the mask fascists of CDC, NIH, and Public Health offices across the land. If his guests all end up hospitalized with covid-19 over the next two weeks, he will be proven wrong. But, will they?

EDITOR’S NOTE 2 – Today it’s difficult to find video or pictures of the post-speech mingling, although it was very evident in the CSPAN live coverage. Why?

President Donald Trump celebrated his renomination Thursday with a crowded party at the White House that offered a jarring contrast with a nation that is still widely shut down over fears of the coronavirus pandemic whose spread remains uncontrolled.

More than 1,500 supporters poured onto the South Lawn for his formal acceptance speech to cap the Republican National Convention, and most were not wearing masks, even though they were seated closely together in white folding chairs.

The overwhelming majority of guests were not administered rapid coronavirus tests, Trump campaign and RNC officials said, despite their relative proximity to the president and other White House officials. A White House official said it would have been logistically unfeasible to test such a large number of people.

Two attendees said in interviews that they were not offered tests and were not even put through a more basic screening, such as being questioned whether they had any symptoms, such as coughs, or taking their temperature. They spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk frankly.

The spectacle offered Trump a reasonable facsimile of the traditionally raucous nominating convention that was canceled this year because of the pandemic. A large stage was set up just beyond the White House portico, lined with dozens of American flags – a dramatic backdrop that allowed the president to wield the visual power of his office at a campaign event despite federal regulations that seek to limit such activities.

But the program also projected the image to millions watching on television that a president whose public approval ratings have fallen over widespread disapproval of his handling of the pandemic has returned to business as usual, even if most Americans have not.

Medical authorities said the White House setting offered potential dangers of community spread and set another bad example at a time when most infection disease experts are warning that the public must continue to wear masks, maintain social distancing and limit large gatherings.

“Medical authorities”.


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