Maryland School District Requires Assisting Child ‘Gender Transition,’ Lying to Parents

Maryland’s Montgomery County Public Schools is requiring teachers and administrators to both facilitate a child’s “gender transition” and lie to that child’s parents about it, according to district-wide guidance.

The school district also appears to promote a parental reeducation plan for those who are “nonsupportive.”

Montgomery County employees are required to refer to a student by their preferred name and pronouns — the ones the student believes correspond to their chosen gender identity as opposed to the name their parents gave them and the pronouns that correspond to their actual biological sex.

Despite that, the guidance makes clear that the references to what the student prefers should not be made when contacting parents in an effort to hide the child’s gender ideation and the school’s facilitation of it.

According to the guidance, disclosing a student’s transgender status to parents may violate federal privacy laws, as it constitutes “confidential medical information.”

Under the “Communication with Families” section of the guidance, teachers and administrators are told they must ask the student’s permission to disclose medical information to the student’s own parents.


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