Marines alter uniform regulations, including maternity wear, manicure options and hairstyle


The U.S. Marine Corps uniform regulations aren’t altered very often. But a slew of changes are coming or effective immediately, including altered maternity clothes for pregnant Marines.

The uniform changes, which were made official in an all-Marine message on Wednesday, also include increased hair length, edging up one’s hairline, and additional manicure options for female Marines.

Maternity uniforms have been updated to include more options for pregnant Marines, including adjustable side tabs on the maternity tunic and short and long-sleeve shirts. Non-tab blouses are still authorized for issue and wear. The Corps says available options will vary by MCX and MCCS location until all non-tabbed items are sold out. The Corps is also developing additional items for optional purchase or inclusion in the maternity uniform supplemental allowance.

The Marine Corps hopes the changes help “positively impact diversity, equity and inclusion,” 1st Lt. Phillip Parker, a spokesman for Marine Corps Training and Education Command, told the Marine Corps Times.


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