Marine Corps is reinventing itself ‘to reflect America,’ focus on diversity: top general

The Post MIllennial:

The core of America’s strength lies in its diversity, the top general said, claiming that the same is true for the military.

Gen. David Berger, commandant of the Marine Corps, said during an interview on Friday that the smallest US military force has plans for a massive overhaul within the service designed to focus on diversity and “to reflect America.”

What’s driving the cultural shift is for the US Marine Corps “to reflect America, to reflect the society we come from,” Berger told NPR’s Morning Edition.

The core of America’s strength lies in its diversity, Berger said, according to the media outlet’s reporting, claiming that the same is true for the US military.

It’s not a matter of being politically correct or “woke,” Berger claimed, amid accusations that the US armed forces are pandering to the left’s demands.

A recruitment ad from the US Army featured progressive subjects meant to be “shattering stereotypes” among America’s service members. Meanwhile, the US Navy announced “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity” plans. A scathing report commissioned by congressional members found that the US Navy is in disarray by prioritizing diversity over its warfighting capabilities amid Chinese aggression.

Currently, the Marine Corps has an issue with high turnover and retaining numbers. About 75 percent of troops leave the Marine Corps at the end of their four-year term, the highest turnover rate among the military services.

The top general is pushing his new plan, titled “Talent Management 2030,” which outlines new measures that the Marine Corps hope will help bolster recruitment efforts and greatly increase the average length of service.

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