Marauding monkeys take over government office block and force officials to flee

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Daily Star:

Troops of monkeys have raided the offices of India’s top cabinet ministers and taken over, leaving ministers too scared to make eye-contact with the animals.

The Indian government is waging war on troops of marauding monkeys who have taken over the offices of top officials.

Punjab and Haryana Civil Secretariat headquarters in Northern India, which is home to cabinet ministers and bureaucrats, has been overrun by opportunist macaques, who are said to climb into offices via balconies.

Meanwhile security guards staged on site say they are being distracted from their work by the red-faced pests but are unable to do shoo them away while at their stations.

Until a solution is found they are reportedly making do with slingshots to protect themselves.

The Indian Express reports: “The Punjab and Haryana Civil Secretariat, which houses the offices of chief ministers of both states, the cabinet ministers and the offices of top bureaucrats, has literally been taken over by monkeys.”

Despite attempts to rid the head quarters of the menace, the paper reports the situation has become so bad guards have taken to “avoiding eye contact” or running away to avoid provoking them.

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