Man Urinates on 25-Year-Old Asian Woman In NYC Subway

Kathy Chen, a 25-year-old Asian woman told AsianFeed about a disturbing incident in which a white male urinated on her while she was riding the NYC subway Saturday, March 20th.

Chen said, “While I was sitting down on the F train going towards Queens, a white male walked into the train car I was in. He entered from the train car behind and stopped next to me. He started standing really close to me and I began to feel uncomfortable. So I scooted to my right and noticed that his penis was pointed at me and that there was urine on my bag and jacket. We made eye contact but he didn’t say anything. I only said one thing, `Are you serious?!’ As I looked around, none of the bystanders said or did anything. He got off the train at 75th Ave.”

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