Man fatally shot by cops after livestreaming police pursuit


An aspiring rapper who led cops on a car chase in Minnesota was fatally shot after confronting officers with a knife during a pursuit he livestreamed on Facebook, authorities said.

The man, Brian J. Quinones, ran a red light in Edina late Saturday and refused to pull over, leading cops to follow him into nearby Richfield. He kept ignoring commands to stop, according to emergency dispatch audio obtained by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

In the live video, the rapper known as “Blessed The MC” can be seen bobbing his head as rap music blares in the background and police lights flash in his rear window while he drives.

He then exits the car abruptly with what appears to be a large knife. Cops fire at least five shots before pausing and squeezing off another five rounds, the Star Tribune reported.

“So sorry,” Quinones posted late Saturday, just prior to posting the livestream, which had been removed from his page as of Monday.

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