Man Begs Carjacker Not to Shoot Pregnant Wife, is Shot in Head — Media Blackout

The National File:

Man then kidnaps pregnant wife, taking her on 100mph car chase

A Tennessee man who begged a carjacker on a rampage not to shoot his pregnant wife was shot dead before his wife was kidnapped and taken on a high-speed car chase.

Jordan Stevens, 23, was on the way to church with his wife Aileen until he was deliberately rear-ended by a soon-to-be carjacker.

Carjacker Dangelo Dorsey brandished a gun at Stevens, who had left his rear-ended vehicle to inspect the damage, and demanded the churchgoer to take him to his home to change cars.

On the way to Dorsey’s home, Jordan begged Dorsey to leave his wife on the side of the road and to take him hostage instead.

Instead, Dorsey shot Jordan in the head and killed him before taking his pregnant wife on a car chase reaching speeds over 100 miles per hour.

Dorsey dumped Jordan’s along I-24 in Coffee County, Tennessee, before continuing to drive off to evade police capture.

With his terrified pregnant hostage in the car with him, Dorsey careened off the road which rolled over near mile marker 156 in Grundy County, according to Fox 17.

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