Man Allegedly Assaults Fresno Detective, Gets Shot Dead


A man who pleaded no contest to assault charges on Tuesday afterward exited the building and entered a police annex building where he allegedly assaulted a Fresno detective.

ABC 30 reports 24-year-old Joseph Roy pleaded no contest on an assault charge earlier in the day. The plea would spare him from prison time but “required to complete alcohol and anger management treatment and wasn’t allowed to have a firearm.”

The plea would also result in a felony on Roy’s record with the understanding the felony would be reduced to a misdemeanor after one year if Roy maintained good behavior.

Roy’s attorney spent time trying to get the sentence postponed, claiming his client could not comprehend what was happening. Shortly thereafter Roy exited the court proceedings, entered the annex, and allegedly assaulted the detective.

KMPH notes the detective Roy allegedly assaulted was 24-year veteran of the police force. He “suffered a puncture wound to his forehead and long cuts to his face and scalp,” among other injuries.


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