Make-a-Wish foundation is condemned for refusing to grant unvaccinated children any requests involving flights or large groups – even though COVID shots are only available to kids over 12

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The Daily Mail:

  • The Make-a-Wish foundation is facing criticism after the nonprofit mandated ‘wish kids’ and their families have to be vaccinated
  • That policy applies to wishes involving boarding flights, or gathering in large groups
  • COVID shots aren’t currently available to children under 12
  • Make-a-Wish says it will try to accommodate families whose children are too young to get vaccinated, or have chosen not to give their kids the shot
  • Richard Davis, the nonprofit’s CEO and President, said this applies for wishes involving air travel and large gatherings
  • The video statement was met with harsh criticism on social media
  • Make-a-Wish told that no child will be turned away because they’re unvaccinated and said, ‘We respect everyone’s freedom of choice’
  • ‘We will continue to grant wishes for all eligible children, including children who have not been vaccinated’

Make-a-Wish foundation bosses have been blasted for refusing to offer wishes involving flights or large gatherings to unvaccinated children – even though youngsters under 12 aren’t yet eligible to receive COVID vaccines.  

Richard Davis, CEO and president of Make-a-Wish, said in a video message on Thursday that wishes involving air travel and large gatherings will resume on September 15 for those who are two weeks past full vaccination.  

Davis said his team had made their decision after consulting with doctors and medical professionals in National Medical Advisory Council as well as heeding advice from the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Make-a-Wish will resume granting air travel wishes within the United States and its territories as well as granting wishes involving large gatherings for vaccinated wish families as soon as September 15.’

Davis said they won’t require proof of vaccination but said adult participants will have to sign a letter of understanding that certifies that they and any minors participating in a wish are vaccinated. 

Vaccinations are currently only available to children age 12 and up in the US, with trials underway to see if they are safe to use on younger children too. 

Make-a-Wish’s website insists all children can be granted wishes – including those who have not been vaccinated because of their ages, or because their families have chosen not to get vaccinated, although those youngsters will be denied the chance to travel by air, or hang out in crowds. 

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