Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Fires Back at Andrew Cuomo Over NY Nursing Home Deaths: ‘Probably The Biggest Fraud’

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Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick attacked Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) on Fox News Thursday night over comments where Cuomo called out Republicans for the surging Covid-19 case count in their states.

Patrick slammed Cuomo for New York’s nursing home deaths and called him “probably the biggest fraud” of all 50 governors. Fox host Laura Ingraham also weighed in, saying “Andrew Cuomo actually had the gall to say this of red state governors.”

In an interview Thursday morning, Cuomo had called out Republicans for being “in denial” about Covid-19, especially in March and early April.

“Look at the numbers: you play politics with this virus and you lost,” Cuomo said on CNN. “You told the people of your state and the people of this country, White House, ‘Don’t worry about it. Just open up and go about your business, this is all Democratic hyperbole.’”

Patrick fired back. “First of all, Governor Cuomo is probably the biggest fraud who holds that position in the country,” he said. “He had about 6,000 people die a nursing home and we had less than a thousand — and that’s on top of the other people who have died in New York.”

“He shortchanged the people in New York,” Patrick continued. “He cost people their lives. How dare him come on [CNN] and point his finger at any other governor in the state for what he did. He killed people, and I’ll say it clearly.”

Patrick went on to compare Texas’ Covid-19 numbers with New York’s and lauded his state’s testing.

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