Louisiana girl, 7, dies after being mauled to death by neighbor’s pit bull

A seven-year-old Louisiana girl was mauled to death by a free-roaming pit bull while playing outside a relative’s home. 

Sadie Davila, of East Baton Rouge, was rushed to the hospital after the dog attacked her on Friday night, and later passed away from her grave injuries, WAFB reports.  

The dog’s owner, Erick Chinchilla Lopez, 20, a neighbor of Sadie’s relative, was arrested and charged with negligent homicide for failing to confine or restrain the dog. 

Sadie’s parents were left devastated by their daughter’s death, with mother Haley Anselmo demanding justice for her shattered family. 

‘My mini me. The light in my heart,’ Anselmo wrote on Facebook in describing her daughter. ‘Words don’t exist for what this feeling is. 

‘My family is shattered. Please pray for us. Pray they press charges on the dog’s owners & hold them responsible.’ 


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