Los Angeles Times Sounds the Alarm on Mass Immigration — in Mexico City

The Los Angeles Times, a longtime advocate of amnesty for illegal aliens in the United States, is sounding the alarm on mass immigration in Mexico City, Mexico.

While the establishment media has cheered mass immigration to the U.S. for decades — where the foreign-born population is set to hit 70 million by 2060 — and repeatedly called the U.S. “a nation of immigrants,” the outlet is warning “Californians and other Americans are flooding Mexico City” and “some locals want them to go home.”

The L.A. Times‘s Kate Linthicum reports:

His critique is multilayered and speaks to generations of injustices. There’s the problem of newcomers’ “indifference as to how their actions are affecting locals,” he said, but also the fact that Mexicans cannot migrate to the U.S. with the same ease. He also believes that Americans, many of whom are white, are reinforcing the city’s pervasive — if infrequently discussed — caste system. [Emphasis added]

Some Mexicans aren’t unhappy about the American inundation, like Sandra Hernández, a real estate agent who said all of the recent deals she has closed have involved Americans. They mostly want houses or apartments in the Art Deco style, she said, and are all willing to pay the asking price. [Emphasis added]

He has been struck by the number of remote workers flooding in and worries that they are different. The nature of their jobs means they don’t necessarily have to learn Spanish or integrate into Mexican society, he said. It allows a certain aloofness that wasn’t possible a few years ago. [Emphasis added]

The framing is a stark contrast to the L.A. Times‘s framing on pieces related to mass immigration to the U.S. In a 2018 editorial, for example, the paper’s editors blasted former President Trump for wanting to reduce overall immigration.


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