Los Angeles officials panned on social media after announcing new restrictions when beaches reopen

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Fox News:

Los Angeles County officials are facing criticism this week after announcing the restrictions that will go into effect when beaches reopen during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors – which oversees more than 30 miles of the Golden State’s coastline – says only certain individual and family activities will be permitted when shores reopen Wednesday.

Walking, running, swimming and surfing, they say, are allowed. But sunbathing to dry off once a person comes out of the water is not.

The Department also says picnicking, biking and volleyball are prohibited – and anyone “out of the water and around others” must wear a face covering to protect against the spread of the coronavirus.

“If beach visitors do not follow all the rules, the State of California or Los Angeles County can once again close our beaches,” Manhattan Beach Mayor Richard Montgomery told Fox 11. “By abiding by these measures, you will play an important role in keeping the beaches open.”

But the extent of the measures is being called into question on social media, with some users calling them “stupid” and wondering if the public will comply.

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