Los Angeles DA George Gascon moves to dissolve division that notifies victims of attacker’s parole hearings

On Tuesday, progressive Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon moved to disband the Parole Division Bureau of Prosecution Support Operations, whose job it is to notify victims of crime when a parole hearing is scheduled for the perpetrator.

The George Soros-backed DA told members of the group that they will continue working through October, but that starting in November, there will not be “any forthcoming assignments.”

As Los Angeles Magazine reports, Gascon said he felt it was “not appropriate” for prosecutors to inform victims and their families about their assailants’ parole hearings.

His office argued that the task is better handled by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).

“After consulting with victim experts, we do not believe this is a trauma-informed approach,” Gascon’s team told LA Mag. “Contacting victims and their next of kin can be very triggering, especially if they do not welcome the intrusion.”

“We consulted with the CDCR and they have advised and confirmed that it is their responsibility to contact victims who have registered for notifications and provide information and support to those victims.”


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