Looting crew swiped nearly $10,000 in lottery tickets from SoHo shop, then …

New York Daily News:

A group of young men who looted a SoHo deli of nearly $10,000 in lottery tickets were caught on surveillance video miles away trying to cash their winnings in Brooklyn, police said Friday.

The suspects hit Thompson Finest Deli on Thompson St. near Grand St. around 1:30 a.m. on June 1.

They busted through a front door and window, then stole about $9,700 in lottery scratch-off tickets, police said.

Later that day, the men tried to cash in their tickets at two stores in Crown Heights — a Shop Fair supermarket on Troy Ave. and Pacific Liquor on Pacific St. — and a third Bedford-Stuyvesant Bravo supermarket on Fulton St., police said.

But the tickets had already been deactivated by the SoHo shop owners who notified lottery authorities about the theft.

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