Long Island school district to separate parents by COVID vaccine status for student shows


A Long Island school district has sparked an uproar after announcing plans to separate parents by vaccination status during upcoming student concerts, The Post has learned.

The Rockville Centre School District will have a non-socially distanced section for parents who show vaccination proof upon arrival.

They will also reserve a separate, socially-distanced area for those who are unvaccinated and others who have gotten the shot but still want some additional elbow room.

Acting District Superintendent Robert Bartels told The Post that the measure will enable administrators to effectively contact trace parents in the event of an outbreak.

Bartels said some parents were uneasy with sitting at close quarters with those who are not vaccinated and that the district’s arrangement accommodates all parties.

“We wanted to get as many people in as possible without feeling uncomfortable,” he said, adding that the concerts are across all grade levels.

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