Long Island Bagel Boss customer filmed other public tirades


The Long Island bagel store patrons who were subjected to a wacky customer’s now-viral rant about his diminutive stature are part of a long list of those on the receiving end of his short fuse.

The unidentified Bagel Boss customer, who shares videos under the name Chris Morgan, has a YouTube channel of videos showing him uncork rage on 7-Eleven workers, law enforcement and neighbors over his insecurities about his 5-foot stature.

“Its like f–king 5:30 in the morning and this jackass asks me, ‘What is my height?’” he bellowed from a 7-Eleven location in Bay Shore on May 5.

Holding up his camera in the cashier’s face, the customer continued his rant: “You guys don’t say, ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ The first thing you ask me is what is my height? What country are you from?”

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