London stabbings 2019 – “unprecedented levels” of knife crime, attacks: Statistics

The Sun:

LONDON’S knife epidemic has reached unprecedented levels with 84 deaths in the capital since the start of 2019.

Last year was London’s bloodiest in a decade – when the number of homicides reached 132 – and it shows no signs of abating.

As of July 17, Scotland Yard have launched 78 murder investigations in London.

Shocking figures this week revealed knife crime in England and Wales soared to a record high, with 43,000 offences last year.

This year got off to a bloody start when mum-of-one Charlotte Huggins, 33, was knifed to death at her home in Camberwell, South East London on New Year’s Day.

Just hours later security guard Tudor Simionov, 33, was stabbed outside a VIP sex party in Park Lane, Mayfair. He was attacked as he tried to stop gatecrashers storming into the private bash. Tudor had left his native Romania in search of a job and a brighter future in the UK. His girlfriend said the couple had moved to London just two months before he was killed.

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