London knife terrorist wanted girlfriend to behead her parents

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The man shot dead by police after wounding two people in a stabbing spree on a busy London street had been jailed for promoting violent Islamist material and had encouraged his girlfriend to behead her parents.

He had also once written a list of “goals in life” that included the desire to die as a martyr.

Police have named Sudesh Amman, 20, as the attacker. He was killed on a street in the south London district of Streatham on Sunday afternoon by armed officers who had been carrying out surveillance on him.

In November 2018, Amman had pleaded guilty to 13 offences of possession of terrorist documents and disseminating terrorist publications and the following month he was sentenced to more than three years in prison.

He was released last month having served half the sentence.


In December 2017 Amman posted a picture of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was killed during a US raid in Syria in October.

He also described Yazidi women as slaves and said the Koran made it permissible to rape them.

In another message he encouraged his girlfriend to behead her parents.