Lockheed Exec Refuses To Comment On Video Exposing Mystery Aviation Technology On Secret Testing Base


The general manager of Lockheed’s most secretive arm, known as “Skunk Works”, refused to comment Tuesday on a mysterious aviation technology spotted recently at a Lockheed testing facility in the Mojave Desert outside of Palmdale, California.

A video began making the rounds on Twitter Sept. 22 exposing an oddly shaped, sleek aircraft being loaded onto a flatbed trailer.

The video was re-posted by Ruben Hofs, an aviation enthusiast, who he says stumbled across it on TikTok.

Hofs, intrigued with the scaffolding in the background of the video, cross-referenced it with Google Maps and figured out that it was likely filmed at Skunk Works’ Helendale Radar Cross Section Facility.

Skunk Works, a military aviation technology division of Lockheed Martin, formally known as the Advanced Development Program, develops many top-secret U.S. military aircraft.

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