LISTENER SUBMISSION: From Obama’s Trickle Down Tyranny to Biden’s Reign of State Terror

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We are Entering a Period where “State Terrorism” will simply be Re-Branded Martial Law by those “Building Back Better” under a Klaus Schwab NWO “Great Reset.”

Interesting the very Word ‘Terrorism’ Originates from ‘State Terrorism’ against its subjects (tyranny)…… but has been Bastardized by the very Terrorist Tyrants who would Trample you with Horses, labeling Non-Violent Dissenters as “Domestic Terrorists.”

From Wiki on “State Terrorism”:

Aristotle wrote critically of terror employed by tyrants against their subjects.[19] The earliest use of the word terrorism identified by the Oxford English Dictionary is a 1795 reference to tyrannical state behavior, the “reign of terrorism” in France………the Jacobin government and other factions of the French Revolution used the apparatus of the state to kill and intimidate political opponents, and the Oxford English Dictionary includes as one definition of terrorism “Government by intimidation carried out by the party in power in France between 1789–1794”.[22]

Klaus Schwab’s O’Biden Admin is in Full Support of Build Back Better, as is Canada’s Government….. while both are Rekindling Rule by a Reign of State Terror, Like Modern Feudal Lords in the latest Generation Communistic Construct.

Biden, the known Plagiarist, should regurgitate a Bush line, but with new Meaning:

“Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists,“

Domestic Terrorists that is…….

The Current War is Economic, and they will Create a Modern Holodomor for Dissenters (freezing Bank Accounts, lock downs, food Shortages).

In Klaus Schwab’s World, The beatings will continue Until Morale Improves, and “you will own nothing and be happy.” A happy Peasant eating Bugs.

-Robert Millet