‘Like a nightmare’: Woman fatally shot at Brooklyn vigil for friend killed less than 24 hours earlier

The New York Daily News:

A senseless fight that erupted at a Brooklyn house party when a guest accidentally stepped on somebody’s foot left two people dead: a fellow reveler shot in the chest and a young mom gunned down less than 24 hours later at a vigil for the slain man, authorities said Tuesday.

Shalimar Birkett, 32, took a bullet to the head when the Monday night vigil turned violent.

The slain woman’s blood still stained the Brownsville sidewalk Tuesday afternoon, with her devastated family cleaning the gore with bleach and water as they mourned her pointless death.

“It’s like a nightmare,” Birkett’s mother Patricia Hamilton told the Daily News. “She was an outgoing, fun person, loved by everyone — all her friends and family.”

Birkett was attending the memorial on Park Place near Howard Ave. when two gunmen pulled up in a white sedan and opened fire about 11 p.m. Monday before speeding off, cops said.

“Why?” Birkett’s mother asked Tuesday. “Why you had to come shoot and kill my daughter? She was just there.”

The slain mother of two young sons was likely not the intended target. The killing had all the earmarks of a gang-related shooting, police said.

“It was about 60 to 70 people out here for the vigil,” said Justin Dee, 35, who lives on the block. “It was nice and quiet and people were starting to leave.”

“A car pulled up on the corner and they started shooting,” he added. “They started shooting down the block not caring who they hit.”

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