Lies, leaks and half-truths: Schiff’s credibility crumbling amid impeachment push


Rep. Adam B. Schiff, who is leading the closed-door impeachment inquiry, has left a trail of anti-Trump allegations that remain unproven or conflict with the official record, an analysis shows.

The California Democrat once insinuated that a blocked call on Donald Trump Jr.’s cellphone was to tell his father about an upcoming meeting with a Russian lawyer.

It turned out that the call was to a business associate.

“Adam Schiff is basically the Jussie Smollett of Congress on steroids,” the younger Trump said on Fox News.

That is just one example. A Washington Times review of Mr. Schiff’s comments on Russia and impeachment found multiple embellishments, half-truths and factual misstatements.

The renewed focus on Mr. Schiff’s truth record comes as the Democratic leader, in making the case for impeachment, has put words in the commander in chief’s mouth that President Trump never uttered.

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