Liberal VOX News ‘Stealth Edits’ March 2020 Article “Debunking” Lab Origin of COVID

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Media outlets desperately start to backpedal

Left-wing website website Vox has been caught stealth editing an old article from March 2020 “debunking” the lab origin of COVID following numerous prominent officials now saying the lab origin is a distinct possibility.

Writer and investor Paul Graham documented the edits, tweeting, “Some of the stealth edits that Vox made to its article debunking “conspiracy theories” that Covid-19 originated in a lab leak between its original publication in March 2020 and now.”

The edits include removing the words that the virus definitively did “not come from the Wuhan lab” and saying that the fact the virus emerged in the same city in which the lab is located “appears to be pure coincidence” rather than the previously more definitive “is pure coincidence.”

“Vox is editing it articles “debunking” the coronavirus lab leak theory. These edits aren’t being disclosed to readers,” tweeted Mike Cernovich. “Vox is a disinformation website.”

As we highlighted earlier, new information based on a US intelligence report reveals that three researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology became so sick in November 2019 that they required hospital treatment.

This followed Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledging for the first time that the origin of COVID-19 “could have been something else, and we need to find that out.”

Last week, Biden’s CDC Director said she remained open to the possibility that the virus was leaked from the Wuhan lab and scientific groups have also asserted that the lab leak is the most likely source.

Following the bolstering of the possibility that the virus was leaked from the lab, Politifact was also forced to pull a ‘fact check’ that claimed it had “debunked” the lab leak origin theory of COVID-19.

For over a year, social media networks have characterized the lab leak theory as “misinformation” and removed it under the umbrella of “fake news.”

Now that more and more evidence continues to drop that such “conspiracy theories” were actually not only plausible but quite possibly true, the backpedaling continues apace.

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