Liberal Groups Warn Immigration Curbs Could Sink ‘Global Warming’ Bill  

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Left-wing groups are warning GOP amendments on migration could sink the Democrats’ world-saving, climate change “reconciliation” bill, as soon as this weekend. “I made it very clear at the caucus [meeting] that adoption of such amendments, if they were to stay in the final [bill], would kill reconciliation,” Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), according to an August 2 report in a Bloomberg media site. On Tuesday, described Mendenz’s written statement as a warning to Democrats “against voting for Republican amendments on issues such as immigration that could threaten the overall reconciliation legislation.” The same day, 286 left-wing groups posted a letter urging Democrats to reject any amendments — dubbed “poison pills” — that would reduce the mass foreign migration into Americans’ workplaces and housing. “Adopting anti-immigrant amendments to the [climate bill] will likely bring forth challenges to the passage of this important legislation,” the letter said. The warnings are “a clear sign that immigration is the most important issue for the political left,” said Jon Feere, a former border agency official who is now working with the Center for Immigration Studies. “Every other issue takes a backseat to their main agenda, which is mass immigration by any means possible,” Feere said.

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