Liberal censorship opens lucrative door for conservative entrepreneurs

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Just the News:

The social media censorship of conservatives is going to significantly backfire, lawyer and social media influencer Rogan O’Handley predicts.

O’Handley, who goes by the social media handle @DC_Draino, told the John Solomon Reports podcast that by forcing conservatives out of mainstream social media, the left is creating a lucrative business for alternative social media platforms that are pro-free speech.

“This is economic balkanization of the internet, right?

So we’re seeing as we are rejected, and pushed out of, and censored by, mainstream leftist Silicon Valley companies, it’s creating a massive, lucrative economic opportunity for entrepreneurs to provide alternatives that, you know, defend American values and allow free speech,” O’Handley said.

“We are definitely starting to see the pendulum swing the other way. And I posted about it myself, I said, you know, there are billions of dollars to be made by providing conservative alternatives to the things that we all like, and I’m really happy to see those things happening – again, it’s gonna take time, there’s a massive digital migration.”

O’Handley added, “You know, applications like Telegram, Parler, Gab, they’re just booming with users and engagement. And the second thing, you know, I think what will ultimately push most leftists to finally stand up against cancel culture and in the censorship issue is when it starts coming for them. You know, as you said, the leftists used to be the biggest proponents of free speech and largely it’s because they were in the minority in terms of power in this country.”

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